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AOG - Titanium Cook Set

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Looking for a quick way to shed some weight from your pack for light and fast adventures? Replacing your clunky pot with the AOG Titanium cook set is a good place to start.

This is one of the lightest pot available in this form factor! Ideal setup for the solo hiker or a couple looking to minimize pack weight and volume. The size of the AOG Titanium Cook Set is great for cooking meals for one or two people. You can boil water, cook noodles, rice, rehydrate two meals, etc.

The set includes a 800ml titanium pot, a titanium frypan/lid 400ml, insulated handles, stuff sack and can holds the 230g size gas canisters easily.

The frypan doubles as a pot lid and/or a plate.



Not only is titanium extremely light and ultra strong, it leaves no metallic smell or taste, and it will not rust. Lighter than steel and stronger than aluminium, corrosion-resistant and conducts heat efficiently.



Ultra strong, ultralight titanium reduces pack weight

Formed and rolled edge provides extra strength

Holds 230g size gas canisters

Frying pan lid makes cooking eggs fast and easy

Insulated handles

Handles folds away for  compact storage


Nylon stuff sack



Material:   Titanium
Dimensions:    (D)138mm (H)90mm
Weight:    168g
Capacity: 400-800ml


Note: the images with the Firebox are for illustration. The Firebox stove is sold separately.