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The Gunbox Echo - SMART personal safe

Was: $399.99
Now: $279.99
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The ECHO Personal safe with Fingerprint + RFiD + App Unlock!

The GunBox Australian dealer.


The ECHO is compact and portable, perfect for those on the go. It's the perfect way to keep your valuables safe and accessible while traveling in a vehicle.


Firearms storage: Note that this product is designed for the US market. It might NOT be suitable for firearms storage in Australia. If you intend to use the safe to store firearms related items, you must contact the firearms registry in your local state to understand the requirements before purchasing the safe. 


Everyday Carry
The ECHO was designed to go where you go. The versatile ECHO will securely store your valuables and prevent unauthorised access. Use it on a daily basis in the home or at the office.

The ECHO has a battery life up to 6 months, making it perfect for transporting your valuables. Whether you are traveling by car, truck or by caravan, the ECHO is the ideal safe storage travel companion.

Affordable Yet Efficient
The ECHO was designed to be a smaller footprint yet has the same Biometric, Keypad, RFiD Unlock, and Safety Features as the other Gunbox models. Don't let its compact design fool you, the ECHO still packs a mean punch!



Charging and battery: The ECHO has an internal Lithium Polymer battery. The ECHO will last about 4-6 months before it will need to be charged. The ECHO comes with a charging cable. Simply plug the USB end into a USB wall adapter to charge your ECHO.

RFID tags: Your ECHO includes 2 RFID Keycards and 2 Fobs.

Fingerprints: The GunBox Echo will hold up to 10 fingerprints.

Inside dimensions: 21cm Length x 18cm Width x 5.4cm Height / 8.5” Length x 7.25” Width x 2.13” Height

Colour: Black


More information about firearms safe storage in Australia is also available on from the following web sites: 









This product does not ship to New Zealand.

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