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Tenkara USA - No Tools Tenkara Fly-Tying Kit

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Have you seen the video of Mr. Amano tying tenkara flies without a vise? Tenkara fly-tying can be as simple as one wishes it to be. The "No-Tools Tenkara Fly-tying Kit" is perfect for those wishing for ultimate simplicity in fly-tying, or for those who already have a vise and tools and just want the materials to tie a variety of tenkara flies.


Kit Contents:
1 - Tenkara fly-tying booklet with instructions
2 - Hen soft hackle
3 - Rooster neck hackle
4 - Peacock herl
5 - 25 hooks, size 12, barbless, by Allen Fly Fishing
6 - 25 hooks, size 8, barbed, by Allen Fly Fishing
7 - 2 spools of heavy polyester thread, gray and black

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