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Tenkara Rods

Tenkara Rods Co. & Tenkara USA - Available from Aussie Outdoor Gear.

Flat rate shipping in Australia and to New Zealand.

The largest selection of Tenkara Fishing products in Australia.


 Tenkara is a minimalistic method of fishing that involves a rod, a line, and a fly. It’s fun and easy.

Traditional fly fishing can be such a daunting sport.  First you have to go out and figure out what gear you need to purchase.  Then you have to figure out how to tie a bunch of knots and cast correctly.  Lines get tangled more often than not and it seems most of your time is not actually spent fishing.  We are aiming to create a more minimalist approach to fishing.  A rod, a line, and a fly is all you need to catch a fish so why complicate things?  

Tenkara is basic.  You just attach a line to the end of your rod and there are no reels or guides.  On the end of your line you have a fly, and thats it!