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TENKARA Rod Co - CROSSBREED Tenkara line

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CrossBreed is a new style of Tenkara line. It is PVC coated fly line that has been perfectly weighted to cast with a Tenkara rod. We have teamed up with legendary fly line manufacturers RIO to develop a supple fly line that is much lighter than traditional fly line but floats just as good or better. The end of our CrossBreed line has 2 feet of furled leader to give you the extremely delicate presentation and drifting capabilities of a traditional furled Tenkara line. CrossBreed line floats and casts dry flies extremely well, but the line is also light enough to keep off the water and fish a Tenkara fly or even nymph. Watch the video for more information.


-PVC coated fly line for optimal floatation

-2 Feet furled leader on end for delicate presentation

-Chartreuse fly line for visibility, Orange furled leader for strike detection

-13 feet line

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