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Snowline Outdoor Pressure Cooker

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Outdoor Pressure Cooker

Great for camping and other outdoor activities. 

1/3 of the cooking time and 1/4 of the fuel usage compared with standard camping cookware.



Product Features

Material : Aluminum

Size and Weight : two sizes are available

Small - 2-3 people - 200 x 155mm | 220 x 220 x170mm (packing), weight : 800g, 2.4L

Medium - 4-5 people - 200mm x 175mm | 220mm x 220mm x 200mm (Packing), weight: 870g, 2.8L


Made in S. KOREA


Product Characteristics

Suitable for camping and outdoor activities

Folded handles are one of space-savings features 

Easy to carry with bag case


Note for Express shipping only - This is a bulky item and it may incur additional delivery fees based on your postcode.


Suggested Usage

Put the rice and add liquids.

Close the cover and twist it to fix position (the cover handle and body handle must meet and overlap)

After boiling over high heat, the pressure adjustment is regulated.

When steams comes out from the steam pressure valve, reduce the heat to medium for 2-3 minutes. After that turn off the heat and

Leave 10 minutes for steam throughly.

Before opening make sure to fold the valve to release all internal steam until the pressure adjustment knob goes down (do not open by force when the internal pressure has not yet released).



Take care with use as with any other type of high pressure cooking devices

Keep the cooker out of children reach 

Do not use if any product damage is apparent

Open the handle before the cooker boils

Wash the inside of the cooker using neutral detergent before first time use

Do not open the cover by force during the boil

Do not boil an empty cooker

Keep the cooker on a steady surface

Use the soft sponge with warm water to clean the inside after cooking

It is recommended to store the cooker dry in its storage bag

Recommended use is for steam rice cooking

Recommended to change the Silicone gasket per every 6-12month

Take care to read all instruction provided before use.


Note that this is a Korean product and it might have Korean instructions. English instructions are available to download from the product page on our web site.


Download the English product Instructions here