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Snowline One Touch Crampon

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One Touch Crampons


Product Characteristics


Fits securely with the securing ring
4 full body peaks and anti roll-down hook for added traction and stability
Secured from slipping out with sided extrusion moulding
Special material band : No oxidation and no stain



USE: Traction device for snow and ice roads/also suitable for certain Rock Fishing applications
MATERIAL: S55C, Elastomer
CONTENTS: Crampon (2each 1set), pouch
SIZE: fits most 
WEIGHT: 164g


Great for Rock Fishing - 

In Australia Rock fishing claims more lives every year then any other recreational sport. The crampons also helps reducing fatigue as spending many hours on the rocks might lead to sore feet. 


Use it after checking for tight fit with your boots' size.


It is recommended to keep it in dry conditions in its carry bag after use.


Product Features

material : S55C, TPR

Made in S. Korea