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MecArmy PT26 Patented Ultra Bright USB Rechargeable Flashlight

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Now: $189.99
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MecArmy offers innovative and dependable products for EDC, outdoor sports, tactical operations and law enforcement, product categories include outdoor/ tactical flashlights, handmade knives, EDC and self defence products. MecArmy's flashlights are compact, with high lumen output and a USB charging interface.




Reflector:Optical lens

Max Output:3850 lumens

Max Run Time:156h

Max Beam Distance:292m

Max Beam Intensity:21483cd

Battery:1x 26650 Li-ion battery (included) or 1x 18650 Li-ion Battery

Length: 125.4mm/ 4.94in

Head diameter:53mm/ 2.087in

Body diameter:34mm/ 1.338in

Weight:251g/ 8.85oz (excluding battery)

Feature:Rechargeable, Power bank, Ultra Bright

Accessory:User manual, 1x 26650 battery, USB cable, 18650 sleeve, lanyard, O-rings, holster

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    Posted by OzEE Prep on 3rd Jan 2018

    Why we like MecArmy
    Looking at torches there are a lot of similarities... Lots of marketing hype... But looking beyond the obvious the MecArmy range has the juice... the design and the build are practical to the enth degree. Every light in the range is rechargeable with USB. Batteries are included, so here no fuss... Take it out the box turn it on and it goes... If not a five year warranty...

    The PT bright range are flood lights so these cover a wide cone of vision and so no tunnel vision with these lights. A broad clean light is the feature of the PT26 . The circuitry is the main thing for all hand torches and as a general rule of thumb, the longer and brighter it burns on the lowest setting the better...

    The PT26 burns for 150 hours close to 30Lm which is effectively 6 full days... If your only deploying 5hrs per night then a month of night before recharging. Using a Gold Zero solar Nomad 13 or 28 plus direct to USB charge it every day as opposed to waiting till battery is depleted. This will see to it you have light every night... Back packers could charge the PT26 on the fly while walking on the track solar panel attached to the pack and so forth.

    At 4000* Lm on high (PT26) 150 -200 meters is practical a range.. This light is excellent for the stock man / women illuminates good size yard, backs of double 'B', inside sheds and vehicles with ease and no "squinting" The lower 28 Lm is bright enough to cook by, feed dogs, take showers and do mundane tasks inside the "donger " or around the camp.

    Coming with stainless steel switches the ease of switching modes is easy... Double tap to go direct to full and simple tap to the low default.. Just holding down switches between modes. The switches are sealed and water resistant (proof) rain, dust and mud... With 5 A (5000 mil amp) battery lots of light when you need it... Having a duel system it will run on 18650 (3.4 amp) with the accessory supplied. About half the run time on a single 18650 on high but with only few hours between 5 amp and 3.4 amp on low power at 25 Lm

    The PT26 is light enough for the girls to carry in their hand bag and bright enough to make any would be "slime ball" to think twice. Quick double tap on the switch... Boom! Slime ball cant see, slime ball takes a hike... Keep on e the glove box of your car...The price tag is up there at around $270 plus (depending where) for a light of this size, however, the PT26 eclipses many in its range and even some larger lights in the flood light range have some catching up to do.

    The PT 26 is a cluster light deploying many Crees (9) as opposed to a single or quad cree deploying stippled reflectors (orange peel) In the latter case the light is only as good as the reflector. In the former, the cluster, each cree has it own reflector and combined together to blend seemliness with no artifacts.

    Few small hand lights on the market double as power pack to power up your mobile phone and such. Unscrewing the head of the PT26 put it in the pouch and you have a dedicated 5 amp power pack with two USB inputs and one USB out... Shove it in your pack charge your phone and change the battery via a portable solar cell while your doing both. The double USB input charges in about twice the time as the single...

    From home running 4.5 amps from USB multi station to the light charges fairly quickly.. The trick with Lithium Ion(LI) is to charge often. Keeps the battery in good shape and ensues only short charge times. From dead flat lithiums will take some time to charge...

    If you deplete a LI battery to its 10%level (dead flat) manufacturers suggest 500 recharges. If only deplete it to 70 -80% then up to 1500 recharges. The PT26 is a good compromise between long range spot and the flood lights. Sturdy and tough and a practical light with few gimmicks bells and whistles and other distracting hype... .

    Money well spent. This light you will own for a long time. Years if you look after it. Excellent in power outages or survival for supplementary light... Security folk like this light with its mean stainless steel defense crown on the head...

    So what are the cons with the PT26? Not too many. Maybe a tail cap switch to make it more"tactical" But the soft light switching over comes this even in gloves. Perhaps a magnetic tail cap to grip on. Personally a screw in filter system Red, would have made this a complete package. Over all? Taste cons but no operating or practical cons.

    We are not a paid reviewer for Aussie Outdoor but given the products, good service and competitive pricing of Aussie Outdoor we have received, we volunteer this review for your purchasing convenience .. Knowledge is power so purchase with knowledge and not with "hype" Keep a look out for some of our other reviews on the products sold here at Aussie Outdoor. MecArmSPX 18 and others in time.

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