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Grilliput Duo - The original Grilliput

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Grilliput Duo - The Original Grilliput by UCO Gear

Simple and elegant, Grilliput Duo provides maximum experience for minimalistsäóîafter all, less is more! Form and function are harmonized in our high-quality, German-designed portable grills and fire bowls. We use only top quality stainless steel for durability. Grilliput Duo is completely dishwasher-safe and allows backpackers, boaters, and other outdoor minimalists to take charcoal grilling with them wherever they go.

Dimensions-packed: 11.4" x 0.9" (29 cm x 2.2 cm)
Dimensions-bbq area: 9.1" x 10.2" (23 cm x 26 cm)
Weight: 19.8 oz. (560 g)


Care Instructions:
Grilliput is suitable for dishwashers.
In case of heavy soiling, scour with Scothbrite (grit size 400) in the grinding direction.
To care for Grilliput, occasionally apply a spray-on stainless steel cleaner and wipe off with a clean soft cloth.

Assembly Instructions:

Unscrew the stainless steel tube and remove all the grill elements:
1 thick tube with a stopper
1 thin tube with a cleaning groove
2 outer grill rods with hooks and threads
10 grill rods
4 grill feet
Place both tubes with the threaded holes for the feet facing upwards. The holes of the thick tube and the grooves of the thin tube must be opposite each other.
The outer grill rods with a thread are pushed through the thin tube and fixed to the thick tube with an initial single turn.
Screw the stopper back on to the thick tube (to avoid it being lost).
Insert the 10 grill rods.
Screw the outer grill rods with the hooks fully into the thick tube.
Screw the 4 grill feet tight.
Turn the grill over and you're ready to use it.

WARNING: Intended only for adults. Keep away from children and pets. Never leave grill unattended. Do not use in a confined space. Not suitable for camping gas stoves. Ensure a secure and stable position. Load bearing capacity up to 3.3 lbs. (1.5 kg) maximum. Beware of flying sparks. Always respect nature and the environment.


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    Remarkably elegant and simple.

    Posted by Matthew Smith on 23rd Jun 2017

    Remarkably elegant and simple. I got this for my son who loves to impress his lady friends with a steak whist picnicing. He must get that from his mum - I was never that smooth :)