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FIREWAALL  made-in-canada.png


The made-in-Canada apparatus simply holds wood in a wall-like form. Start the fire with tinder in the bottom, add some larger sticks, and enjoy a vertical blaze.

The Firewaall contains fire in a way that looks pretty efficient. The vertical nature of the wall helps it radiate heat outward. It elevates fire too, which would be nice on a frozen surface. It also feeds by gravity, and is really open to the air, which should result in cleaner burning than wood lying on the ground. 



  • 100% made in Canada

  • 3/32 in laser cut / folded Stainless steel 304L

  • 4.5 Lb/ 2Kg

  • Width 13 inches/33CM x 13.25 inches/33.6CM High

  • Comes with an orange pouch bag


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