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Firebox Nano X-CASE kit

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The X-Case gives the Nano Stove a stable base for soft ground, improved no trace wood fire performance and even more stove versatility!


The Kit includes:

  • Metal Case
  • Carbon Felt
  • L-pins

Note that with the L-pins and the Carbon felt you can create a windscreen for the Nano (see video)


Besides just being an awesome case to protect your nano, the X Case also performs as a stabilizer and an ash pan for your nano using the X groves which are built in. It also has room for storing a carbon felt pad which is useful for a variety of purposes including as a wind guard (using the L-Pins and carbon felt liner sold separately). I wasn't out to make something to withstand high winds since a wood fire in high winds is a bad idea regardless of your windscreen. For the amount of wind, which I feel is still safe (to have a wood fire) the Carbon Felt Wind Block works great and if you add the flame guard on the other side it works even better. (Fire safety is the responsibility of the person lighting the fire)

Weight: 70Gr.

Dimensions: 13CM x 9CM x 2CM

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