Snowline Snow Climbing Mountaineering Crampons


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Enjoy Ratchet Crampons


Product Characteristics: 

Ten peaks crampon developed for walking

Peaks are located at entire bottom of the product, this adds for stability and comfort

Hidden-peaks assist with walking and grip

Easy to use with quick fastening system

Available for 230-290mm of shoe

Front peaks assist with climbing steep grades or boulders


How to use:

1. Adjust the length of your crampon to fit your climbing boot's size by pressing the joint bar

2. Secure it on your shoes

3. Connect the inside buckle

4. Fasten the belt by moving the handle of ratchet buckle


Use it after checking for tight fit with your boots' size.


It is recommended to keep it in dry conditions in its carry bag after use.


Product Features

material : S55C Stainless 304

process : electro deposition coating, heat treatment

Made in S. Korea