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Compact Lithium powered pump - Max Pump V2

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Amazingly small yet powerful, Max Pump 2 is a super portable electric air pump that can quickly inflate/deflate any of your inflatables.

One charging and you can inflate 50 swimming rings, or ten airbeds, plus 20 buggy bags, offering you a real carefree travel.


Ultra-low weight design, its weight and volume is only 20% of the traditional products, when placed inside your pocket or bag, it hardly takes any place. The only truly portable electric pump, specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts, no power cord or dry cell.


The flow rate of MAX PUMP2 can reach 300L/min and the pressure can reach 2100PA, you can inflate an airbed within 4mins, and buggy bag within 30 seconds.

It can charge your cellphone when necessary.


It can provide oxygen for your wood-burning ovens, enabling you to start your fire more easily.

Suitable for a variety of products, like swimming ring, yoga ball, rubber boat, vacuum bag, air bed and also function as a phone charger.

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