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Anfibio Ultimate packrafting paddle

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The Anfibio Ultimate is a completely new design solely dedicated to packrafting.
Its qualities for the task include outstanding low weight and a five-piece break-down into compact 56-cm segments which fit securely inside your backpack. The length adjustment spans 204 to 230cm allowing you to modify your paddling ‘gearing’ as conditions demand, just like a derailleur bike. On top of that the offset permits adjustment from a fatigue-proof 0° feathering all the way to a full 90° for battling headwinds – and any increment in between. And of course our Anfibio Ultimate can be set up for left or right-handed paddlers.
All this makes the Anfibio Ultimate ideally suited to the typically mixed conditions found in packrafting. And that’s not all – it can also be used as tarp or tent pole making it a multifunctional item. The full carbon lamination on both blade and shaft provides class-leading stiffness and strength ensuring that all your paddling input gets transmitted with efficiency. 
Robustness and use
With the lamination process completely re-engineered, the Anfibio Ultimate offers solid durability for a variety of uses. The blade to shaft join has been optimised and fully reinforced with carbon fibre and the blade has rugged edges offering a remarkable strength on both faces. However it’s not indestructible: fractures can occur from careless use or transportation – and like all paddles, it is not a barge pole! We recommend it for classic touring where light weight and versatility count:
  • long flatwater stretches (full 230cm extension)
  • extended walking stages (compact disassembly; <800g)
  • open whitewater (efficient response)

Choose our Anfibio Smash for playboating, surfing or technical whitewater.

Care and maintenance

  • As with similar paddles, always fully disassemble the wet paddle after use to avoid the possibility of it locking up and becoming inseparable
  • Scratches and fractures on the blade surface can be sealed and reinforced with epoxy glue

Weight: 770g (can vary (±20g) as handbuilt)

Length: 204-230cm fully variable

Segment: 56cm

Blade size: 44 x 19 cm

Parts: 5

Angle: 0-90° fully variable offset

Material: carbon fiber shaft with nylon ferrule and stainless steel clamping. Blade: carbon fiber with composite core.

Construction: Full carbon lamination, clamping ferrule, fully variable feathering, laminated/reinforced blade construction, snap buttons


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